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The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a member of the Herding Group by American Kennel Club.  From ocean to hills the Pembroke lived in its native Wales for centuries as farm dogs.  Dog experts have two theories about their origin, but no one is sure which one is right.  And as is so often the case, there may be a little bit of truth to each tale.  The first theory is that Vikings brought spitz-type dogs with them to Wales, where they interbred with the local herding dogs.  
Welcome to Royal Hearts Corgis!
Welcome to Royal Hearts Corgis!
The other theory is that the Flemish weavers who settled in western Wales in 1107 brought their spitz-type dogs with them, which interbred with the local herding dogs.  Which ever story you may believe the Pembroke has a spitz dog influence, which can be seen in its triangular head and muzzle, erect ears and thick coat.  Pembrokes have accomplished far beyond yesteryears of herding to show dogs, agility, obedience, therapy dogs and of course companions.

The official standard describes the Pembroke's general appearance as low set, strong, sturdily built and active, giving an impression of substance and stamina in a small space with a broad flat skull and a foxy shaped head.  His ears are large and erect.  They have weather resistant “wash and wear” coat which requires little maintenance, but do shed (usually twice a year).  Acceptable colors are red, sable, fawn, black and tan with or without white markings.

The Corgis are fun loving, happy, exceptionally smart, they just go with the flow.  Whatever your family is involved in activity wise they are willing to participate (swimming, boating, hiking).  No mater what sport or activity you choose, the goal should be a fun way to keep your Corgi fit while bonding with your companion.  Corgis can be fast as lightning or fly like the wind outside and yet love to sit or lie down with you and be a couch potato.

The personality of a Pembroke is outgoing, active, alert, cheerful bright little dog and full of life.  They are bold & dominant in a nice way.  They want to be part of every aspect of your life.  Your Corgi will always be ready for action and fun.
Cooper ready to go boating.
Cooper ready to go boating.
Bootsie in the pool.
Bootsie in the pool.
The Corgi does it all.  The highly intelligent eager, quick to learn Pembroke is a natural at many jobs in the canine world.  They have been used as hearing dogs and in therapy service.  The Pembroke is a dependable dog and is easy to train.

The Pembroke is an affectionate family dog that adapts equally well to children and adults.Royal Hearts Corgis, Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Dogs are good for the heart.

Ask this question.  Are you a Corgi person?  Are you ready and willing to commit and care for a dog possibly as long as 11 to 13 years?  Are you able to have the time or willingness to make time to have a Pembroke as a companion or a member of your family?  When you are home the dog is not left outside but is included whenever possible in the evening and weekend activities.  If you are not willing to make your Corgi part of the family don’t get a Corgi.  Pick another breed.

From time to time, we also have older puppies or adults available to a great home.  Written Contract and guarantee of health on all our Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies with lifetime support.

Years of Breeding Corgis, produces beautiful results.
Our Passion is Pembroke Welsh Corgis!

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